He plans to lift the restrictions on fracking, which uses approximately 5 million gallons of our precious water per well. He plans to lay that pipeline through Indigenous land, so we can continue to pump 20 million barrels of oil into the atmosphere a day. That’s 1/4 of the carbon emissions for the entire planet. He plans to reroute funds that were supposed to go to UN climate change programs and invest them in more US infrastructure for the same failing systems we should be running away from.

We were so close. The promises made at the Paris Climate Summit might, just might, have kept us from tipping over that 1.5C rise.

The world needs us. Without the cooperation and leadership of the US and China, the two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, the efforts of the rest of the world’s nations will fail to produce the necessary change.

I have nothing against a Trump voter. Nothing. I do not believe theirs was a vote for racism and sexism. I believe it was a vote for change. A vote of frustration. They are right that the last thing we need is the Same ‘Ol Thing.

In a vote against the establishment and the anti-establishment, who could help but win? It is a perfect sign of our times. A natural reaction to a failing system.

But resurrecting that whose loss we mourn, will only keep us spinning our wheels. We have emotional attachment to an old way of life, which no longer serves us. What has always kept us evolving as a species is our ability to assimilate change, our ability to evaluate what is fair and just and right. This is our strength.

We must assimilate the fact that the way we are living on this planet is not working. And we must all, together, find new ways to meet our collective needs. Ways which do not involve destroying ecosystems. Or each other.

The point on which we all agree is that our democracy, and our planet, are screaming for change. To vote for a woman, was a vote for change. To vote for an outsider, was a vote for change.

Now it is up to us, all of us, to decide what that change should look like.

I   world hiding in a cormorant shell

it was naked, and bleeding and banished from hell.

The gods had renounced it

a plaything, gone mad

experiment over

‘FAILED’ stamped on the back.

So I draped it with diamonds

and I dressed it with glitter

and sold it away to the highest bidder…

Dance while can, my love

while there’s ground still left to dance on

for tomorrow the sun will be burning the ceiling

and the ocean caressing your door

For they’ve they dirtied its’ skies

and they’ve blackened its’ seas

and they’ve raped all its’ rivers

and cut off its’ trees

I’ve forgotten the moral,

but as evidence portrays

should you stumble upon them

leave worlds where they lay.